SolidWorks 2012: Multi Screen Support

Yesterday I posted about the Recent Documents enhancement that has been incorporated into SolidWorks 2012.

Today’s enhancement might even be a little bit better.  SolidWorks 2012 now comes with multi screen support.  This is an enhancement that users have been clamoring for since the introduction of multiple screens.  As you can see in the image below, there are now 2 additional buttons that are located next to the window minimize, maximize, and close buttons.  These 2 buttons serve primarily 2 functions.

The first function is if you are running multi screens, by clicking 1 of the buttons it will move that window whichever direction you tell it too.  This is hard to show in an image, but trust me, it works.

The other function is if you are only running 1 screen, those 2 additional buttons allow you to easily tile 2 windows to your screen similar to the Windows 7 functionality when you tile windows to the left side and/or right side or your screen.  This is what the image below shows.

Multiple Screen Support

This enhancement is only capable of handling 2 screens currently.  I would say that this enhancement proves that SolidWorks is listening to its users.  Again, nice job SolidWorks developers!

9 thoughts on “SolidWorks 2012: Multi Screen Support

    1. Hey Mike,

      It does support (kind of) different sizes / resolutions. Your SolidWorks window will automatically be sized to the smaller of the 2 resolutions so your window on 1 screen won’t be full screen.

  1. Finally…Pro|e has been doing this from…well, along time.

    Believe me its a nice feature to have when your designing heavy assemblies…My (cheap) work around has been to open multiple sessions of SW and place one on each screen…

  2. i like it verrrrrrrrrry much helps me in being more productive and you have a complete overview of what is happening, the posts you put on here are very helpfull thanks man

  3. Note that these “smart tile” buttons at the top of each document window can be clicked or “Alt+Clicked” to allow for alternative behavior. The Alt+click action will also resize the SolidWorks application window to span both monitors and then moves the document to the specified monitor. Single monitor layouts don’t support the alt+click.

    Also, my favorite two items that are a bit more subtle… We have done these two changes in an effort to “respect” where you place your documents:
    1. If your SW application window spans (or partially spans) two monitors, then dragging a file from Explorer into your SW session will open that document on the monitor where you drop the file.
    2. The Window-Cascade and Window-Tile menu commands have been updated to also respect the current locations of your files. If you have three documents randomly positioned on monitor 1 and a single document positiioned on monitor 2, then selecting one of the Window-Tile or Cascade commands will perform the action as if you had two SW sessions open. In the example above, the three documents on monitor 1 would be cascaded or tiled on monitor #1 and the single document which was positioned primarily on monitor #2 would be maximixed (as big as possible) on monitor #2.

    I’m glad to hear that you guys like these improvements…

    Best Regards,
    John Sweeney

      1. I realize that “Alt+Click” may not seem intuitive… but the tooltip will give you this suggestion so hopefully it will be discoverable. The long way around is to click the “Span Application” button on the app window and then click the “Tile Right” or “Tile Left” button on the document window.


  4. I personally think it works crap for the reason that it does not support different screen sizes to start with ( if you have a 23″ and a 20″ it resizes it to the smaller one). You still cant customize the layout to accomodate both screens. Like adding the feutue tree on to smaller screen and keeping the working part and the toolbar on the bigger screen. This will help you to maximize the working space.

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