This Blog IS NOT DEAD!

Over the course of the last week there has been some blogs that have been stating that SolidWorks has lost its mojo because the blogs have quieted down over the last year.  While this is true, the blog posts have been few and far in between for most of the SolidWorks blogs, I do not feel it is a result of SolidWorks losing any sort of mojo.

I personally want to speak to this, not for all of the other bloggers, but for myself personally and the future of THIS blog.  The reason for the decrease in the number of posts here at RockSolid Perspective is because my personal and professional life has changed dramatically since I started this blog.

In my personal life since 2007 my wife and I have welcomed our 1st child and will soon be welcoming another.  What this means is that the times I usually spent on my computer at night writing blog posts have now been replaced with dolls, Little People, coloring books, and spending quality family time with my daughter because I will never get these days / times back.

In my professional life since 2007 I have changed job roles, increased my hours, and have added responsibility in my every day job which is what pays our bills.  I have recently moved into a Sales Engineer role which has allowed me to continue to use SolidWorks but in a sales environment as opposed to a design environment.  This has also required me to spend some more time on the road which has limited my desk time and also points back to the reason why I make sure to spend time with my family when I am home.  On top of my Sales Engineer role, I am also hold the Project Manager, CAD Administrator, and IT roles at work.  So as you can see, my time is precious when I am at work.  I have been extremely blessed in my professional life with a bunch of work, a good job, great owners, and a fast growing business.

In regards to this blog, I have a LARGE list of blog posts in the queue that I need to write when I have time.  Starting this week you will see the beginning of a series of posts that cover some of my main points in a presentation I have given titled “Utilizing SolidWorks for Sales & Marketing”.

So in response to the question whether SolidWorks has lost their “mojo” or not, I am going to say NO!  I feel that the reason for the decrease in activity is directly related to workload and other commitments as opposed to not having anything exciting to write about.  So stay tuned because this blog IS NOT DEAD!

6 thoughts on “This Blog IS NOT DEAD!

  1. I agree!!! As a friend of Jason and fellow SolidWorks admin/superuser/IT guy/CAM guy/fix whatever is broke guy, I will definitely say that SW has NOT lost any mojo. Jason is one busy guy! Hopefully writing some of the great posts he has in mind wont take away from the important family time.


  2. This is exactly what has happened with me! Between family and work, I rarely even get on the computer at home now!

    I have several posts planned (not punditry and diatribes, but case studies and tuts), but just haven’t found the time to set down and write them.

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