solidworks 2011…launch week

splash screen_solidworks 2011There has been a lot of press about SolidWorks 2011 over the past month or so from the press.

But I will still vow that reading it just isn’t the same as seeing it in action.  This is why I encourage you to attend a SolidWorks 2011 Launch Event in your area that is put on by your reseller.

I am personally attending one locally this afternoon and am looking forward to seeing some of the new functionality again and also being able to talk to our VAR about some of the new features and this new release.

These event are also a great opportunity to network with other users in your area.  A few years back I saw our next door neighbor at an event like this and neither of us had any idea what the other did.  You just never know who you might see.

To find a complete list of events click here.

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