draftsight is taking over

logo_solidworks 2d editorAs speculated earlier this year, SolidWorks Corporation is officially retiring SolidWorks 2D Editor (formally known as DWG Editor) when SolidWorks 2012 is released.  In an announcement sent to their reseller network it states that the link will be removed from the SolidWorks Customer Portal.

To allow an adequate transition period, the SolidWorks 2D Editor download will continue to be available through the Service Pack cycle of SolidWorks 2011, after which time the download link on the customer portal will be removed.

via CATI Tech Notes

Speculation started the beginning of July when Dassault Systemes released a new product called DraftSight which is also a free 2D CAD Editor.  I personally do not have a problem with this as I think that DraftSight is a nicer/better program than what SolidWorks previous 2D programs were.

What are your thoughts about this product retirement?  Have you tried DraftSight yet?  Have you tried DraftSight on the Mac yet?

4 thoughts on “draftsight is taking over

  1. I’ve put DraftSight on my MacBook. It runs fine, but now I really want that mouse I’ve been putting off purchasing.

    We’ve also put DraftSight on the WinXP 64-bit machines at work. I’ve not had a whole lot of things to play with it but it seems a much better offering than SW DWG editor ever was with one glaring exception – I haven’t found the way to copy geometry out and paste it into SW.

  2. Draftsight has a much more intuitive interface. I’ve done some work with it and as a free tool this really is good.

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