#sww11 top 10 list

solidworks world 2011_header

Every year at SolidWorks WORLD they announce a Top 10 list of enhancements that are created by and voted on by you the user.  This year was no different.  Here is the Top 10 list from SolidWorks WORLD 2011.

10.  Press ESC to return to graphical interface – OK, I can understand this.

9.  File compatibility between versions – Why is this not #1???

8.  Ideas section available at all times in the Forums – Good idea, but really, top 10???

7.  Convert solid to surface without having to delete a face – Would be useful…great idea!

6.  Enhanced equations – Sounds like SolidWorks 2012 might already be improving this.

5.  Feature freeze – Supposedly already included in SolidWorks 2012.

4.  Clean uninstall– Supposedly already included in SolidWorks 2012.

3.  Dangle children relationships instead of having to delete them – Would be handy!

2.  Utilize processor cores better – Yes, yes, yes!

1.  Stop angle mates from flipping around – Good idea but I am not sure it warrants the #1 request.

There are some great ideas in this list but there are also some head scratchers.  One thing that I don’t understand when looking at this list is how a CATIA translator is not included.  That seems to be such a hot topic when talking to other users but yet no one votes for it?

What enhancements would you add to this list that aren’t already on it?

One thought on “#sww11 top 10 list

  1. Answering to your question about CATIA translator I can say that it is already included into installation DVD, just you need to get paid license code to activate it.

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