solidworks 2011…solidworks search

solidworks search

One of the better “lesser publicized” enhancements to the 2011 version of SolidWorks is the increased functionality of the Search toolbar inside SolidWorks.

In previous versions all you could do was search for was files and models but in 2011 SolidWorks has included the ability to search the Knowledge Base, Forums, or Files and Models.  The What’s New document also states that you should have the ability to search the SolidWorks Help files as well but I have been unable to find this functionality in SolidWorks 2011 Beta 3.

All you need to do is select the drop down arrow in the Search box to determine where you would like to search.  The one thing that I think is extremely nice is that it maintains your search phrase or criteria even if you switch where you would like to search.

When you search the Knowledge Base or the Forums you will get popup screens like the ones below for your search results.

search_knowledge base

Knowledge Base


SolidWorks Forums

All I can say is this is a nice way to one stop shop!

One thought on “solidworks 2011…solidworks search

  1. Jason – I mentioned this as well, I think since the web-help is disabled during Beta that this is not a pulldown option yet. Since the web help is also web-based like the KB and Forums that we will see it added once PR or FCS ships. ~Lou

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