solidworks 2011 previews coming to a blog near you!

splash screen_solidworks 2011

I have been hit and miss here on my blog for a little while now mainly because of my current workload at work but I wanted to inform you of some things you can expect in the upcoming weeks.

On Tuesday, myself and a bunch of the other bloggers will be meeting up in Concord, MA at SolidWorks Corporation headquarters for an exclusive hands on preview of SolidWorks 2011.  While many of us have already been beta testing the software, this will allow us to see some of the deeper functionality that we might have otherwise missed or overlooked.

Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM the NDA will be lifted and you will probably notice a barrage of posts from the bloggers covering all of the new functionality that we have seen.

So stay tuned and let me know if there is anything specific that you would like me to preview.

For a countdown until the coverage begins visit

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One thought on “solidworks 2011 previews coming to a blog near you!

  1. Jason-

    I look forward to seeing you again.


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