draftsight…the follow-up

splah screen_draftsight

A few weeks back I did a post on the new Dassault Systemes 2D product DraftSight.  During the course of that post I raised some questions that I was curious.  Aaron Kelly (director of DraftSight) was kind enough to answer a few questions through the exchange of emails that I wanted to share with you here.

Q1.)  Why develop a product so close to SolidWorks 2D Editor instead of making that product free to anyone?

A.  We developed DraftSight so that we could have tighter control over the product direction.  We feel that we will be able to deliver a superior product to our users by building on the DraftSight platform.  First came the product (DraftSight), then we created the business model.

Q2.)  Will SolidWorks 2D Editor be slowly phased out because of the launch of DraftSight?

A.  SolidWorks 2D Editor is still available to SolidWorks customers, but future development energy will be directed to support and develop DraftSight.  We are developing a plan for 2D Editor and let the SolidWorks community know about it this summer.

Q3.)  Who is supporting DraftSight?  SolidWorks employees or Dassault employees?

A.  It is easy to say DS Employees because SolidWorks is brand of Dassault Systemes.  In an effort to best answer your question though, I will say that some of the DraftSight support team today sit in Concord (This is where SolidWorks is headquartered), but this is changing rapidly.  We also have DraftSight support engineers all over the world.  We want to be able to deliver world class technical support.  These support engineers will support DraftSight, but they may also help out with supporting SolidWorks, CATIA, Enovia, or SImulia products as well.

These answers definitely cleared up some things for me and hopefully for you as well.

One thought on “draftsight…the follow-up

  1. I wonder why he didn’t mention the programming arrangement with Graebert, the company that OEM’ed ARES to DS SolidWorks as DraftSight?

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