solidworks 2010…mirror components

solidworks 2010_splash screen

Another nice enhancement in the next release of the revamping of the mirror component function.  It was my experience in past releases that the mirror component tool needed some serious help as it was not very user friendly.

There are really 3 enhancements to this tool that are noteworthy.

  1. A mirror component feature is now added to the FeatureManager tree to maintain the position in regards to the seed features.
  2. You can create an opposite hand version as a derived configuration of the component that you are mirroring.
  3. The mirror component PropertyManager has been simplified to improve the work flow.

As you can see below the first step is similar to previous versions of the tool.  First you are going to want to select the plane to mirror over and the components to mirror.

select components

The next step is where you will begin to notice some differences.  You will see that you can orient your mirrored component 4 different ways (normally) with a simple click thru interface as shown towards the bottom.  Here you can also tell it to create an opposite hand version and select whether or not you would like to isolate the selected component that you are working with.

orientate components

After you select all of your orientation and mirroring options you end up with your desired result, hopefully.  As shown in the picture below you also now see the MirrorComponent feature added to the FeatureManager tree.

end result

All in all this is a nice upgrade from what has been available before and I am looking forward to actually using this in production when we upgrade.

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