SolidWorks 2009 Preview: Custom Properties Tab

As most of you have already figured out the NDA is off for all of the SolidWorks 2009 Beta Testers so now we can let you all know of what to expect in the upcoming release of the software.  Some of the other members of the "Blog Squad" have already given a broad overview of all of the new features in SolidWorks 2009 so be sure to check these out.


A really exciting new feature in this release is the Custom Properties Tab that is fully customizable to your needs.  Over the years many companies, possibly yours, have purchased add-on programs that allow you to enter in custom properties for your part and assembly files.  Well now you no longer need to spend hours searching the world wide web for the best program that will allow you to enter in your custom properties.  This tool will even allow you to assign properties to multiple parts at the same time.


Property Tab Builder

Custom Properties Tab The custom properties tab (left) is included right in the Task Pane as another tab underneath the Design Library, File Explorer, Search and View Palette tabs.  In  order to build this tab like you will want it you can use the built in Property Tab Builder (right) the SolidWorks 2009 includes.  This tool is located at Start>Program Files>SolidWorks 2009>SolidWorks 2009>SolidWorks Tools>Property Tab Builder.  You can include the following styles of input for your property tab: text box, list, number, check box or radio button.  This is a very easy tool to use and step by step you can build the Custom Properties Tab to include all of the properties that you would like propagated into your part and assembly files.


This tool will be a great addition to any company that has multiple users.  The CAD Administrator can build this tab and store it in a network folder so that all of the users (1 or many) are entering in the same required information for each file that is created.


Check back here tomorrow for another preview of the SolidWorks 2009 software.  Also be sure to keep paying attention to the other bloggers as they will continue to post on many of the other great new features.

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