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It’s perhaps worth recalling the scenario where Tottenham found themselves following the next match of the Champions League group stage. With just 1 point about the boardMauricio Pochettino had practically written off them. “It is almost over,” the supervisor said. “It will be extremely tough.”

Their journey in the past 16 came complete with white knuckles but that which underpinned their advancement to the quarter-final — on a memorable night in the house of the Bundesliga leaders — has been calmness and certainty.

There were anxious moments in a first-half which Borussia Dortmund dominated but using Jan Vertonghen imperious in secret defence and Hugo Lloris creating two or three excellent saves and many decent ones, that they kept the home side at bay. agen judi bola

The stress was that one Dortmund aim would put the alarm bells ringing following Spurs setup to safeguard a 3-0 first-leg lead. It didn’t happen.

He’s 14 at 17 Champions League matches, also — an extraordinary ratio which bears comparison with the best.

This was a totally implemented away-day number, a operation to market the steelier mindset that Pochettino has instilled within his group. The sound of silence in the Dortmund audience for the majority of the next half was something of beauty for the Spurs players.

The first half was always going to be decisive and when Tottenham attained the period with all the score intact, it appeared like they’d finished the lion’s share of the job. Dortmund had gone , after all.

G?tze roamed alongside Marco Reus from the fundamental assaulting regions, supporting Alcacer, and Reus specifically bristled with menace.

Dortmund pressed high from the very first whistle, swarming around Spurs, and they fought to escape their own half.

The director’s 5-3-2 system seemed somewhat narrow and he’d request Son Heung-min to proceed into the left leaning near the conclusion of the first-half and Christian Eriksen to visit the right.

This was another way for Spurs to win, also. They performed deeper than normal and appreciated only 35 percent ownership. However, Pochettino could be thrilled at the way his players dug in.

Vertonghen place the tone which the supervisor had asked for using a glorious saving tackle to deny Reus about 11 minutes, after Davinson S?nchez had erred to let him . Reus appeared set to punish Spurs just for the Belgian to elongate to a perfectly timed sliding struggle.

The air pulsed along with the Yellow Wall — that the huge only tier behind one of those goals — was something to behold; a glimpse of Dortmund’s scale. Spurs have established one end of the new arena on it. And alternatively, the ovation the diehards on the Yellow Wall gave to their own players following the fulltime whistle was a demonstration of the course.

Dortmund took dangers and they pushed, faking for the first goal that could have put another slant on the game. Spurs endured. Nevertheless, they resisted. Or, more exactly, Lloris resisted. Lloris, who would deny Alc?cer in the end, today has 100 wash sheets to the club.

Spurs had one opportunity from the first-half but it turned out to be a huge one. If he’s taken it on with his abandoned? The referee, Danny Makkelie, believed there wasn’t sufficient inside, which spared Dortmund that the concession of a punishment.

It didn’t matter. After Spurs fashioned their second opportunity, early in the second half, it dropped to the participant that Pochettino could have picked. Dortmund just half-cleared a Spurs thrust and it had been Moussa Sissoko who published Kane using a slide-rule pass. The club’s most deadly finisher had just Bürkl to conquer and he had the time.

Kane weighed up the position in a heartbeat, calibrating the angles along with the closeness of this pursuing defence. He then ended, placing just a small lift the right-foot shot to make it all the tougher for Bürkl. After the ball hit the internet, the tie was finished.

Dortmund’s buildup play was slick from the first-half, the threat that they generated real, however they lacked ruthlessness in front of target.

Spurs have come quite a way. It’s where they mean to go this attracts the excitement.

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