open only what you need “quickly”

How many of you have run into the situation that you need to QUICKLY open a large assembly with multiple configurations?  I ran into this last week and it reminded me of some useful options during the Open process inside SolidWorks.

The picture below shows that standard Open dialog window that appears.  When you single click a file in the window you will notice some options that appear towards the bottom of the window.  The situation that I was in last week is that I wanted to open a specific configuration so that I could export it to a STEP file.  In the configurations dropdown, I selected the configuration I wanted to open.  Then you have other options like whether or not to open the file in lightweight or in large assembly mode (if the file selected is an assembly) and also whether or not you want to load hidden components.  By selecting or unselecting these options will determine how quickly your assembly will open.

select config

Another option that is available in the window is called Quick view / Selective open.  This will open up a “snapshot” of your assembly and then you can manually select which components you want to open or load into memory.  This option does not take into effect which configuration you select from the dropdown however.

I hope this helps!

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